среда, 2 марта 2016 г.

Ring "Mehndi"- Wire Wrap, is made from 925 sterling silver jewelry and brass,serpentine, green Apatite,amethyst, jade, malachite, turquoise.

Ring "Mehndi". Made in the Wire Wrap technique (weaving wire), with elements of stamping or cold forging. The ring is made from 925 sterling silver and brass, with natural stones - serpentine, green Apatite, amethyst, jade, malachite and turquoise. The ring is artificially aged by chemical means, polished and coated with protective preservative wax. Ring size can be adjusted from 18 mm to 19 mm. the size of the openwork portion 53 mm.

The decoration is made of high quality, gently - small job, almost jewelry. All made by my hands, on my sketches, and is the copyrighted work.

Earrings not to quit, not to beat, it is desirable not to wet with water. Wipe occasionally with a woolen cloth. If you have any questions please write, I will answer.